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Open and Transparent

BeOpen stands for openness and transparency. That's why we chose an open source software as the basis for your business solution.

This allows you to match your sales, billing, marketing, production, warehouse management, ... with or without customizations.

The base is the open source software Odoo.

You can test the software for Free .


The choice for open source software has not just happened! Unlike closed source software, you have access to the source code.

With this access our software specialists can support you at the fullest by identifying potential errors on all layers (OS, Python, SQL, ...) 

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1Contact Point

As IT fanatics we like having full control over all IT components (OS, Python, SQL, ...).

For you, this means a single point of contact that supports the various IT components, your software is our concern.

As a result, we take care of your software and ensure that it remains 99.95% available..

Custom Software

Do you have specific needs? BeOpen is Odoo partner and is part of a larger community.

In addition to the implementation and functional knowledge of the standard software, we write custom software.  


Don’t you agree that a project is only successful if it meets your requirements?

Objectives, time management, bottlenecks and achieved results are therefore discussed with you on a regular basis. 

Ready for your success

Abir Mokkadem
Python (Odoo) Developer
Denis Steisel
Managing Partner
Gunther Clauwaert
Managing Partner
Hafedh Rahmani
Python (Odoo) Developer
Jérémy Hermand
Python (Odoo) Developer
Kim Huysmans
Python (Odoo) Developer
Philippe Carron
Project Manager
Rudy Valentin
Python (Odoo) Developer
Toussaint Delacroix
ERP (Odoo) Analist