Guide your customers and sales through product selection and configuration

Increase the online experience with personalized products

BeOpen-IT (Eezee), Gunther Clauwaert

Let your customer choose

The accurate configuration and assembly of complex products requires a high level of expertise. Incorrectl configured products result in expensive and long sales cycles, delayed deliveries, reduced returns, and dissatisfied customers.

Now take a computer; With a computer, the differences are often in the calculation speed, the amount of storage, the size of the computer, the resolution and the size of the display, the number of connections, think of USB. And so we can continue with all the differences between all the computers that are for sale.

By letting the user choose his product options in a flexible order, both your customer and your sales team can order a personalized computer, no matter how complex it is, or how many variables it has.

  • Model the most complex products

  • System configuration

  • Rules to avoid mistakes

  • No programming required

  • Low TCO

  • Complete end-to-end  process

Create your own rules

Your product specialists can enter and maintain the data and rules easily themselves without programming. This allows them to focus on innovation and product development, rather than configuring rules..

You save time and money because your qualified configuration models become available to your customers faster. It's easy to update products because the configuration rules are separated from the product information.

You decide your restrictions and the steps to follow. Each defined step or rule can change the image.

An integrated configurator

The configuration is only part of the sales process. Through seamless integration with the other apps, PLM, Production, Maintenance and Purchase, the configuration becomes an integral part of the entire production, ordering, and development process.

The customer can decide to wait for the item to be available, or choose an alternative that is immediately available. This increases both customer satisfaction, potential sales, and lowers your inventory level.

Integrated with the other apps, the configuration with its variants becomes an integral part of the purchase, production, and maintenance process.

Guided selling ensures the right product

The Product Configurator ensures that choices are valid. This guided sales system allows customers to express their wishes, where after the order and production can be adjusted accordingly. 

Customer requirements are collected based on needs that can be fulfilled in each order. Customers get the best product, tailored to their needs.

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