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Manage subscriptions, events and members in one single application

BeOpen, Gunther Clauwaert

Are you still juggling with multiple systems and spreadsheets for managing your memberships, invoices, events, mass-mailings, ...?

If yes, do you know that you can make your life easier? Online. Cloud, Software as a Service.

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Website Design + Hosting

Beautifully designed and user-friendly websites that allow your members to connect from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Social Networking + Communities

Inspire your members to connect and share knowledge in groups, chapters and committees.

Online Member Profiles

Through a customizable profile, your members can market themselves professionally and connect with other like-minded peers from anywhere on any device.

eMail Marketing

Send timely and relevant communications to your members and prospects directly from your member database.

Event Management

Capture attendee registrations, offer promotional discounts, manage invoices, print badges and more all from one customizable event tool.

Advanced Analytics + Dashboards

Reporting and dashboard functionality gives quick insight into member activities, community participation and your organization.


Fully Integrated with CRM

BeOpen Membership
BeOpen Lidmaadschap

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