January 1st 2022

Dear Visitor, Customer, Supplier,

Because we really appreciate the personal contact with visitors to our website, customers and suppliers, we are happy to inform you about the developments within our organization.

In view of the growth that we have experienced as a company in recent years, we are proud and pleased to inform you that we have decided to merge with Eezee-IT NV and to start the establishment of Eezee Group BV, in order to be able to offer an even higher quality service that you are used to from us.

Eezee-IT focuses on the implementation of Odoo since Odoo was still OpenERP. As an Odoo Gold partner, with this merger we create a unique offer for customers all over Belgium and this with a team of more than 35 Odoo experts at 4 locations (Wavre, Asse, India and Tunisia).

As part of this restructuring operation, the activities of Eezee (BeOpen-IT NV) were transferred to Eezee-It NV. As a result, through the website of Eezee-it find more information about the services that Eezee-It NV, with registered office at 1300 Wavre, Av. Edison 20 and with KBO number 0826.282.028, can deliver.

This operation does not entail any substantial changes for you as a visitor, supplier or customer. After all, you continue to enjoy the same trusted service, and through the same contacts, at high quality.

We expect to be able to further improve our services in this way and do everything we can to ensure that these changes take place as smoothly as possible for you.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact me.

Kind Regards,

Gunther Clauwaert

Manager Eezee (Beopen-IT NV)
Manager Eezee-it Group BV

Eezee Offices

Sint Godardusstraat 36 - 1730 Asse  
HQ - Brabant Wallon
Avenue Edison 20 - 1300 Wavre
Immeuble LMC, 6 ème étage, B7.1, 
Ville Lac 2 - ZIP 1053 Tunis  

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