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Once You've launched your website, it's time to grow your traffic.

BeOpen-IT (Eezee), Gunther Clauwaert

There are three questions you should ask before deciding whether or not to advertise on a particular keyword.

  1. Is the keyword searched for in Google? If there is no search volume, that tells you no one is typing that phrase into Google. There is no point in advertising on keywords no one is searching for.

  2. Is the person searching with this keyword likely to buy my product or service? Or is the person more likely to be just carrying out research with no intention of making a purchase? In other words, what is the intent of the keyword? When starting out, you’ll want to advertise on “buying intent” keywords - that is, keywords used by people clearly looking to buy.

  3. Can I afford to advertise on the keyword? 

If you answer yes to these 3 questions, then go ahead and position your website on these keywords.

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