How to manage sick fish in Odoo?

Sick fish are quarantined until they are cured


Aquaria-Antwerp was founded in 1947.

It all started with a small shop in the city centre of Antwerp. The business moved to Aartelaar in 1960. Since 1994 we dispose of an indoor space of 1600m². Through the years we deliverd B2B (aquarium shops, garden centers, aquariumclubs) and B2C (private customers). We dispose of an enornous stock (80.000-100.000 items) of coldwaterfish, freshwater tropical fish, cichlids, aquatic plants, dryfood, frozen food, live food, gravel, stones, woods, aquariums, filters and all related articles.
Maintaining the head position ever since is making the right decisions, day after day!!

The Right Decision:

A decision that forms the basis of this success is Odoo.

Aquaria-Antwerp uses Odoo POS, Sales, Website, eCommerce, Accounting, Sales and Inventory.

Why Quarantine?

During transport it happens regularly that fish get sick. These fish are not allowed to make other fish ill and are therefore put in quarantine. During the quarantine, the sick fish are treated until they are healed and are allowed to join the healthy group.

All fish are managed in different tanks, each of which has been given a location. These locations are visible on the webshop so that it is easy for the customer to view the fish if they plan a visit in the store before proceeding with the purchase.

The fish that are in quarantine are not visualized on the webshop because these fish are not yet salable. After the quarantine period has expired, Aquaria can remove the fish from quarantine and they will be available for sale again.

Fish that do not make it during this quarantine period will be recorded as a loss by the "scooping" operation.