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Design, share and analyse your surveys with 3 intuitive steps


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Gathering information becomes fun!

  • Easy from the start thanks to an extremely user-friendly interface.

  • Beopen Survey makes it easy to create and edit surveys.

  • Respond to your marketing needs and take care of studies at any time.

  • Manage your statistics, analyze and measure responses through data export.

  • Do not waste time on the process and focus on qualitative and quantitative analyzes.

Limited to 100 email addresses per survey. For bigger quantities  Contact Us ons.


Create attractive and clear surveys thanks to the intuitive building blocks. Edit content inline at any time.


Share your surveys rapidly with Beopen's built-in sharing system. Communicate about your surveys in just a few clicks.


Use your surveys' results to strengthen your strategy and improve your business' performance!


No need to synchronize results with your database. Beopen takes care of it automatically! Obtain results and view results charts in real time!

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