BeOpen, as the name suggests, supports your software projects in a fair, open and transparent way.

      That openness lies in our genes as well as in the open source software that we will implement, maintain and host for you, namely  Odoo.

      Open, Honest and Transparent

      Implement, Maintain, Host


      Open Source Software

      We opted for open source software because, unlike closed source software, you have access to the source code.

      Through that access, our software specialists can fully assist you by quickly detecting and resolving possible errors.

      The software can be tested for  FREE.

      We extend our philosophy in your projects by communicating transparently about costs, goals, time, results and bottlenecks..

      BeOpen is Odoo partner and is part of a community that is active, in addition to the implementation of the standard software, incustom development.


      Standard and custom

      Single Point Of Contact

      You software is our care

      Feel free to call us fanatics who want complete control over all IT components.

      For you, this means one contact point that takes full responsibility, your software is our concern.

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