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The attendance provides a rough gauge on how well the whole structure is running. The more students come to school or college, the better it is for both the school environment and its students.

With more attendance, both social and intellectual growth is maintained and Beopen Education has made sure that faculties don't invest much time in working with the attendance sheet.

  •  Attendance Register/ Attendance Sheet

To improve the attendance management of any education institute, Beopen Education offers easy to use Attendance Registers and Attendance Sheets. Faculty members can easily create new registers or attendance sheets with a single click. They can also choose to import both attendance register and attendance sheet. 

  • Creation/Editing of Register

He/She has to enter different fields to create the register successfully. With easily drop-down menu to select a value, it takes less than a minute to create an attendance register for the class or a section of people that are taking training on the premises of the educational institute.

  •   Work Easily With Attendance Register

The Attendance Register is used to create a one big database of the attendance profiles of a single class. Creating an attendance register is easy.

  • Automation

The student names are automatically populated with the attendance sheets, which in turn improves marking of the attendance easy and productive.

The Attendance management system is curated to make the life of the faculty easy and productive. Teachers can now use their time to do other productive work. With everything centralized, it becomes easy for the administrator to look into different aspects of attendance such as the percentage of attendance for a particular student and other important statistics.

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