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The assignment and the exam module make sure the students knowledge can be tested but are not the only two you need to follow-up. Using the results module a unique process is integrated in the creation, rapportation and publication of the results.

Beopen Education fully integrates the entire learning process for a more transparent educational ecosystem.

  • Calculate results

The results can be calculated automaticly by Beopen Education keeping the set goals and minimums into account. When new results are published or added the students can be automaticly notified and consult the results through the portal.

  • Result lines or sheet lines

The mark sheet lines can be composed of one or more result lines. Result lines are more granular in nature and offer more information about a single exam

The main focus of having two different result types is to provide a much better picture with the help of mark sheet lines, which is mostly awarded after the session ends and a new session begins or a student is promoted to the next higher class. 

  • Admin support

There are many ways the admin can generate the result. Currently, there are two type of results supported by the system, the mark sheet lines, and the result lines. The mark sheet lines are targeted at students for a particular exam or a paper and are awarded at the end of the session (the final result). When a faculty member fills a student mark sheet lines, the student get notified instantly about their failure or success.

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