Beopen Education Timetable


Time Table is an important part of any educational institute.  The allocation of teachers to the classes, announcing an important event or coming up with a sharp change in time allocation for the teacher can be a day-to-day activity.

Time Table Management in Beopen Education can take care of your time table management in a graphical way.

  • Supports TimeTable For Better Class Management

There can be many scenarios when there is a need for a time table management system. With quick access to all the functions such as adding an item to the timetable, deleting a pre-defined class or allocating a new class to a new teacher just takes a few minutes, saving a lot of time for everyone.

  • Supports Easy-To-Use Dashboard

The most important part of the timetable management is the dashboard. The dashboard presents the central point of action for all the students, employees and the administrator.

  • Bring Innovation and Productivity

With so much emphasis on productivity and innovation, it is necessary for the education institute to take care of the timetable in a structured manner.

With the help of the time management system, schools can easily manage the timetable and improve the productivity and time management of the classes, seminars, and important announcements.

  • Instant Notification System

When there is a change in the timetable such as changing the faculty to a class or changing the time of the class is easily reflected throughout different accounts associated with OpenEduCat.

The timetable update is instant as every account is connected with the same database and have the capability to easily propagate to everyone that are affected with the change in the timetable.

  • Engage Students the Right Way

Students, for example benefit majorly from the timetable management as they can get alerts, scan the timetable in front and hence prepare for the classes in advance, creating an environment for better productivity, learning, and innovation.

Beopen Education Timetable
Beopen Education Timetable