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Plug your peripherals to the PosBox, connect it to your local network, and you are done.

The PosBox is a little hardware box

based on a Raspberry-Pi

You get all the benefits to operate your shop on a tablet.

  • Wireless access allowing your sales accessing the POS from everywhere in the store, no wire visible on the counter, separate the order screen from the hardware (print receipt in the kitchen).

  • More over, tablets are cheap as they are manufactured in huge volumes, and you can even reuse an existing tablet as we support both iPad and Android

  • The PosBox is what you need; it is a little hardware box based on a Raspberry-Pi that will handle all the peripherals' drivers and setup in a very easy way

The PosBox will serve as a gateway between the Beopen web application and the different peripherals.

  • You connect the PosBox to your local network.

  • You plug your USB peripherals ( Receipt Printer - Barcode Scanner ) to the PosBox.

  • You launch Beopen Point of Sale on any device - iPad, Android Tablet or PC - while connected to your local network.

  • There is no step 4, it's already working